The Management Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to ensure the

Pre-School runs smoothly.  The Committee’s

duties  include employing the staff, maintaining

the finances,  providing equipment, organising

fundraising events  and dealing with all matters

that affect the Pre-School.

An Annual General Meeting is held to elect the officers, members

of the Committee and to re-adopt the pre-school policies.
The Committee hold regular meetings approximately every two months

and details of where and when are advertised on our newsletters and through

our Facebook page.  Please remember, all parents and staff are invited to attend.
Committee members can only remain part of the Committee unless co-opted, whilst their children remain within the Pre-school.  Therefore, the committee is ever changing.  Because of this the Pre-school needs the support of new parents to follow on from where the existing parents have left.
If you are interested in becoming a Committee Member and would like to know more information, please contact a Committee member or the Supervisor.

The Little Acorns Pre-School,  St Lukes Church Hall, Gloucester Avenue, 


Essex CM2 9LG